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The Athletic Green

The Athletic Green is a large open field located in Beacon Hill Park. The field covers approximately 5 acres and is surrounded by trees and other vegetation, giving it a sense of privacy and seclusion despite its central location in the park.

The Athletic Green is a popular spot for a variety of sports and recreational activities, including soccer, frisbee, kite-flying, and other outdoor games. The field is also used for various events and festivals throughout the year, including music performances, cultural celebrations, and community gatherings.

The Athletic Green has a long and rich history within Beacon Hill Park. It was originally used as a grazing pasture for livestock in the early days of the park's development, but it was later converted into a sports field to accommodate the growing demand for outdoor recreational opportunities.

Over the years, the Athletic Green has been the site of countless games, tournaments, and other events, and it remains an important part of the park's recreational facilities to this day. Its central location and expansive size make it an ideal spot for sports and other outdoor activities, while its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere make it a beloved destination for visitors to Beacon Hill Park.

Reviews from Google Maps:

"This spot in Beacon Hill Park features some of the softest grass on Vancouver Island. It's a great location for yoga, flow arts or a picnic. Plus there are an assortment of trees that provide shelter from the rain, as well as a sturdy place to hang a slack line or hammock."
   ~ Alicia Shef

"On sunny summer weekends you can always find friends here.

"Best grass I have ever stood on, firmness gives a good shoe feel! Plus the most fantabulous people I've ever met hang out around this area during sunny summer days. Go check it out!"
Sofia Andersson


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