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Welcome to our new magazine! Here you will find the latest Friends of Beacon Hill Park news and a wide variety of articles on Beacon Hill Park.

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News Update

BC Ministry of Attorney General Appeals Ruling

Mar. 23, 2022

The Ministry of Attorney General submitted a Notice of Appeal of the Honourable Mr. Justice Punnett’s order. The grounds for appeal are not yet known.

It is the intention of the Friends of Beacon Hill Park to continue to defend the Park.

2022-02-24 - BC Supreme Court Sides with FBHP regarding No Sheltering!  Read More...

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Featured Articles

Camas Country ~ by Janis Ringuette

The fascinating story of the importance of the herb camas to the first nation culture.  


Ten Sketches ~ by Gordon Friesen

Created in 1991 as part of a project on Beacon Hill Park
history sponsored by the Friends of Beacon Hill Park Society.


Great Blue Herons of Beacon Hill Park by Janis Ringuette

Nearly three hundred giant birds resembling prehistoric pterodactyls congregated in one small area of Beacon Hill Park in 2004. The sights, sounds and smells produced by this large Great Blue Heron colony were spectacular. Explore the life of the Great Blue Herons living in Beacon Hill Park by Janis Ringuette. 


Blue Heron Colony attacked by eagles.The Beacon Hill Park heron colony was abandoned in May, 2007. They did not return in 2008. This article by Janis Ringuette describes life in the colony in its heyday, before relentless attacks by three Bald eagles led to the abandonment of seventy-one nests. A full report on the 2007 calamity begins Chapter 22 of the Beacon Hill Park History.

Great White Bear of Beacon Hill Park

For 24 years Beacon Hill Park was the home of a white bear! Read about the bear's life and history as documented in Beacon Hill Park History by Janis Ringuette.

1924 - Ursus Kermodei cub arrives ...

Hornaday was hoping to send the cub to the New York City zoo...

The white bear was not an albino or polar bear...


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Eagles, Blue Herons & Peacocks! Oh My!

A delightful conversation with our feathered BHP friends.

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Awesome BHP Trees & where to find them

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