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Friends of Beacon Hill Park

The goal of Friends of Beacon Hill Park is "To Promote & Protect the Natural & Cultural History of Beacon Hill Park."

Beacon Hill Park was set aside as parkland by Governor Sir James Douglas before 1858.

The park is a historical treasure and one of the last refuges in Greater Victoria for some of the area's most delicate and endangered native plants and ecosystems.

The Garry Oak tree and the Garry Oak meadow are two prime examples of the plants and ecosystems that the Friends of Beacon Hill Park Society have been actively trying to preserve since our formation in July 1989.

Beacon Hill Park Trust Document: The Park Trust - 1882    More here:  About Us

 Volunteer Work Crews have Begun in Beacon Hill Park

We have now begun monthly volunteer work crew in Beacon Hill Park.

They are organized and supervised by the City of Vancouver Parks team and run from 10am to noon on a Saturday. The first one was held on April 20th. We have had a excellent turn outs ( 10 to 16 volunteers) and focused on removing English Ivy ( Hedera Helix) from an the S.E Woods section of the park. We removed approximately 4 truck loads (10yds3), but there is lots more to tackle. 

Our next session will be in mid September so please check the Volunteer schedule section of our website to get additional information on how to volunteer and get on our email list for volunteers.


Volunteer Schedule

Beacon Hill Park History

This 24 chapter history book records park developments, habitat changes, events, and controversies during the 127 years of City control from 1842 through 2009.

      Introduction   Contents   Index

Chapter 1: year 1842  ~ James Douglas, Chief Factor of the Hudson’s Bay Company, carefully examined the shoreline of southern Vancouver Island for the best location for a British settlement. The vast open meadows and grasslands of the Beacon Hill area were an impressive sight. Lush green native grasses grew tall over a six square mile area, colourfully mixed with Blue Camas and other native flowers     Read More...

Friends of Beacon Hill Park Magazine

Explore an eclectic collection of articles inspired by Beacon Hill Park.

Trending articles:

Camas Country ~ the amazing first nation's relationship with the camas plant.

Great Blue Herons of Beacon Hill ~ science, history, images, videos...

New articles added regularly:  Beacon Hill Park Magazine.

               Camas Plant

Ecosystems of Beacon Hill Park

This section of our web site provides a growing collection of articles "To Promote & Protect the Natural & Cultural History of Beacon Hill Park."

micro ecosystems, native plants and animals, references, links and more...

The Ecosystems of Beacon Hill Park

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