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October 3, 2022

Victoria Candidates Respond  

The Province is proceeding with its appeal to Justice Punnett’s Supreme Court opinion which supported the Friends of Beacon Hill Park (FBHP) position that under the terms of the 1882 Beacon Hill Park Trust, permanent sheltering that we saw through 2021 is not allowed. 

In addition, Victoria is holding its municipal election on October 15th and we wanted to find out what the Mayor and Council Candidates thought about the ongoing appeal and about sheltering in Beacon Hill Park, so we decided to ask them the following question:

 What is your view on sheltering in the park, alternate uses, and defending the terms of the original Trust?

We had 5 out of the 8 Mayor and 22 out of the 37 Council Candidates respond. You can find their unabridged responses on our website by following link.

Victoria Candidates Respond.pdf

We Need Your Help

FBHP are the only ones who have taken the position in court that the terms of the Trust are clear and must be honoured, sheltering and other uses of the Park should not be allowed.  In attempting to uphold Justice Punnett’s opinion, FBHP are now incurring additional legal costs which are beyond our current ability to pay.

All participants involved in the Province’s Appeal, recently received a request from First Nations to intervene. Responding to this request increases everybody's legal cost. Please help us to defend Beacon Hill Park by donating to the Beacon Hill Park Legal Support. 

You can also donate by cheque and send it by post to: 

Friends of Beacon Hill Park Society

19C Cook Street

Victoria, BC

V8V 3W6

Contact us at:

Joan Halvorsen, President, Friends of Beacon Hill Park

Tom Epplett, Treasurer, Friends of Beacon Hill Park

Attorney General Appeal Factum, Filed July 8, 2022.pdf

FBHP - 22.08.09 Respondent Factum-FBHP.pdf

City of Victoria - CA48187_Factum_respondent_City (00109425-2xE48C6).PDF


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