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BHP Video Gallery

Our site needs lots of videos!

they make the site more engaging. Site Visitors will stay longer.

Here are some Youtube samples.

This 1st one has no commentary. Its calm & restful ~ a rare thing on the wild web

This one has commentary.

at 10 minutes she talks about trouble finding the Moss Lady. I had that problem when I was there.

We can do something about that!

soft back ground music works

A tad too loud

We can fix things like that and combine the best clips from multiple videos

So don't reject a video due to one bad part

Good video of totem pole. Imagine a drone video going slowly up the totem pole, does a panoramic 360 at the top, then slowly back down. It'll go viral!

So dear friends of BHP, put your phone cam into action! Lets build our web site together.

Don't be shy ~ you are behind the camera ~ letting the world see BHP thru your eyes!

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Beacon Hill Park! 

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