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Does Beacon Hill Park matter to you?

(Introduction From August 2020 when GoFundMe "Help Preserve Beacon Hill Park" was set up.)

The terms and spirit of the Beacon Hill Park Trust are being compromised and the character and environment  of the park is being badly damaged!  The City of Victoria is allowing 24/7  camping throughout the areas used by citizens and visitors  who come to relax and enjoy the park. The park has become an eyesore and a place of danger, and we are losing one of our city’s greatest assets.  The trustee of the park, The City of Victoria,  is managing the park for the benefit of a small minority and ignoring the needs and safety of the majority who pay taxes for park maintenance.

Please help fund a legal action intended to force the city to obey the rules of the park trust which prohibit daytime tenting/camping.  Please help us protect and preserve Victoria’s jewel—Beacon Hill Park. Thank you in advance for your contribution to helping keep Beacon Hill Park safe and beautiful for all.

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