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Good Acre Lake

Good Acre Lake is a man-made lake in Beacon Hill Park. The lake was created in 1890 as part of a larger effort to develop and beautify the park.
The lake was named after Henry Good, a prominent local businessman and politician who was a key figure in the development of Victoria in the late 19th century. Good was a strong supporter of public parks and green spaces, and he played a major role in securing the funding and political support needed to create Beacon Hill Park.

In its early days, Good Acre Lake was a popular spot for boating and fishing. The lake was stocked with fish, and visitors could rent rowboats and canoes to explore the water.
Over time, the lake became an important habitat for local wildlife, including birds, fish, and other aquatic animals. Today, the lake is a peaceful and scenic spot within the park, with walking paths and benches surrounding the water.
In recent years, the lake has also been the site of several ecological restoration projects aimed at improving water quality and enhancing wildlife habitat. These efforts have helped to preserve and enhance the natural beauty and ecological diversity of this important feature of Beacon Hill Park.


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