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Heywood Ball Field

Heywood Ball Field is a historic sports field and is named after William Holmes Heywood, a prominent local businessman and politician who was a strong supporter of public parks and recreational facilities.

The field was originally developed in the early 1900s as a cricket field, but it was later converted into a baseball field to accommodate the growing popularity of the sport in Victoria. In the years that followed, Heywood Ball Field became a popular venue for local baseball games and tournaments, as well as other sports and recreational activities.

During World War II, Heywood Ball Field was used as a training ground for Canadian soldiers, who used the field for exercises and drills. After the war, the field was restored and once again became a popular spot for sports and recreation.

Today, Heywood Ball Field is an important part of Beacon Hill Park's recreational facilities. The field has been modernized with new seating, lighting, and other amenities, while still retaining its historic character and charm.

Over the years, Heywood Ball Field has played host to countless games, tournaments, and other events, and it continues to be an important gathering place for local residents and visitors alike. The field's rich history and its ongoing importance to the community make it a beloved part of the Beacon Hill Park experience.

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