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Two full-sized soccer fields with finely-packed gravel surface that predate modern artificial turf playing fields. I’m not exactly sure when the gravel surface was added but I’ve found a reference to it as early as 1952 - at that time being the only “all-weather fields” in the city, being useful for frisbee or soccer in the winter and/or when the ground elsewhere is too soggy or slippery. Although presumably more eco-friendly and longer-lasting than artificial turf, it’s not nearly as nice to play (or fall) on. Barely used, never busy. Powerful overhead lights but I’m not sure when/if they get switched on at night. No toilets or water fountains. Street parking permitted on Douglas if you can find a spot. Time-limited parking further north or in the park is a better bet during weekdays. Is it the most dated and redundant sporting amenity in the entire city? It’s a tough call given all the worthy candidates, but it has my vote!

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