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Queenie the Work Horse

Queenie the Workhorse was a beloved resident of Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC, Canada for many years. She was a Percheron draft horse, and was one of the park's original workhorses, employed to help maintain the park and assist with various tasks.

According to historical records, Queenie was born in 1912, and was purchased by the City of Victoria in 1919 along with another draft horse named Prince. For many years, she and Prince worked together in the park, pulling heavy carts and wagons, and helping to keep the park looking beautiful.

In addition to her work in the park, Queenie was also a favorite of park visitors, who often stopped to pet and admire her. She was known for her gentle temperament and friendly nature, and was a popular photo subject for tourists and locals alike.

After many years of service, Queenie and Prince were retired from their work in the park in the 1950s. They were replaced by more modern equipment, but the two horses remained beloved fixtures of the park.

In 1965, Queenie passed away at the age of 53. She was remembered fondly by park staff and visitors, and her memory lives on as a symbol of the park's rich history and the important role that draft horses played in maintaining the park in its early years.

Overall, Queenie the Workhorse is an important part of Beacon Hill Park's history and legacy. Her contributions to the park, and her gentle and friendly nature, continue to be celebrated and remembered by those who knew and loved her.


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